April 29, 2019

Are you planning on sending out large groups of emails to campaign supporters? Keep in mind, if you send out 100 or more identical or substantially similar emails, letters, or text messages within a 30-day period, this is considered a “mass communication” and sponsor identification is required. (WAC 390-05-290)

Make sure to include language such as, “Paid for by Jane Doe for Mayor, 500 W Main St, Spokane, WA  99201” or “Sponsored by Jane Doe for Mayor, 500 W Main St, Spokane, WA  99201.” (RCW 42.17A.320; WAC 390-18-010) If the race is partisan, include the party affiliation as well. (RCW 42.17A.320)

If you are a political committee sending out a mass communication, the top 5 contributors would be included in the sponsor identification when the aggregate spending on ads about a ballot measure reaches $1,000, or when making an independent expenditure for or against a candidate. (RCW 42.17A.320(6)) Note: Legislation requiring additional sponsor identification when one of the top 5 contributors is a political committees is awaiting the governor's signature. We'll update this post when we have more information.