File the F-1 with the Public Disclosure Commission.  After January 1, 2020, filers are required to file electronically. Officials may use agency computers and staff to fulfill the annual F-1 filing requirement.  

Officials serving in these local jurisdictions have dual filing requirements:

  • King County Board of Ethics requires county elected officials to file annually by April 15.  An F-1 with an original signature or the county’s Statement of Financial and Other Interests will be accepted.  Additionally, a nominee for appointment to any county elective office, except judicial, must file within two weeks of nomination. For more information, visit the King County Board of Ethics website at or contact the Board’s staff at (206) 263-7821or
  • Pierce County requires appointed county department directors to file financial disclosure forms with the county's Human Resources Department. Get more information at Pierce County's website;
  • Seattle requires city elected officials and candidates for city offices to file a Statement of Personal Financial Affairs with the Seattle City Clerk. For more information, visit the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission's website; and
  • Snohomish County elected officials and candidates for county elective office must follow PDC requirements on filing F-1 reports.  Snohomish County appointed officials and certain board and commission members must file a Statement of Financial and Other Interests with the County Auditor’s Office.  For more information visit snohomishcountyfinancialdisclosurereports

PDC staff is not aware of any other local requirements, but candidates should contact the jurisdiction where they seek office to confirm. 

If a local government agency requires your F-1 form, you may print a copy of the report that you submit to the PDC. Or, you may request a copy of our paper form, which you may print and fill out.