Posted on
July 26, 2019

When you register a candidate's election campaign or a political committee, you chose full or mini reporting. A candidate who chooses mini submits only one other document, the F-1 personal financial affairs statement. A political committee that picks mini reporting has no additional reports to submit.

Bear in mind that a mini reporting candidate or committee can raise and spend no more than $5,000 during the election campaign, or, for a continuing committee, $5,000 per calendar year. For a candidate, that's $5,000 plus the cost of the candidate's filing fee. A mini reporter can't receive more than $500 in contributions from any one donor. A candidate may donate more than $500 to his or her own election campaign, as long as they don't exceed that $5,000 limit.

If you registered for mini reporting, and you find out that you need to raise and spend more than that, it is possible to change to full reporting. First, don't raise or spend more than $5,000 or accept more than $500 in contributions from one source until we tell you have permission to move to full reporting. Send an email to the Public Disclosure Commission right away, letting us know that you want to change to full reporting. The deadline for changing is September 3rd, so get that request to us as soon as possible. We'll send you the instructions on what you need to do to change to full reporting.

If you registered for full reporting and later realize you will stay within the financial limits for mini reporting, you can switch to mini reporting, and then you won't have to send in any more C-3 or C-4 reports. Go to the PDC registration system, log into your account, and amend your registration to show mini reporting. If you're filing for a continuing political committee and you qualify to mini report again next year, you'll have to renew that on your committee registration each January.