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June 28, 2019

Candidates for port districts face contribution limits many for the first time under a new state law that takes effect July 28

House Bill 1375 removes the population threshold that currently determines which port districts are subject to contribution limits. That threshold 200,000 registered voters is met only by two ports districts: Tacoma's and Seattle's.

Starting July 28, the same contribution limit will apply to all port districts regardless of size.

That contribution limit is $2,000 per election for donations from individuals, political committees (except political parties), unions, businesses and other entities. That means a candidate whose name is on both the primary and general election ballots can receive two $2,000 contributions from the same donor.

Candidates running in a port district other than Seattle and Tacoma can receive contributions of any size until July 28. Any money received on or after that date will count toward the contribution limit for the donor.