Posted on
December 01, 2020

With the 2021 legislative session just around the corner, you may find you need to create a new contract for a lobbyist employer.

Start with the File Online link at the top right of the PDC homepage. Choose Lobbyists and Lobbyist Employers (L-1, L-2, and L-3).

Log in to the lobbyist site with your username and password. Click on your name under Lobbyists I File For. Now choose Add Employment Registration under the Lobbyist Menu. Follow the prompts to add a new employment contract.

To amend a current lobbyist employer contract, choose Amend under Actions next to the Employer Registration. You'll be able to make your needed changes there. You can use this option if you find you are unable to file an L-2 for a certain month because that month is missing from the registration.

Once you have created or amended a registration, an email is automatically sent to the lobbyist employer to alert them to approve or deny it. Once they have approved your registration, you will see your missing months appear in the list of months to file for.