November 25, 2020

The Legislature recently passed Substitute Senate Bill 6152 dealing with foreign involvement and financing in campaign activities. The new law prohibits foreign national financing or involvement in campaign-related contribution or expenditure activity. The law also requires entities to certify that any contribution it makes does not include any foreign national funding or involvement.

The PDC is preparing emergency rules to implement the new law when it takes effect on June 11. If adopted, the emergency rules will apply through the 2020 election cycle as state law prohibits the PDC from implementing new rules from June 30 through the November election. The PDC anticipates opening permanent rulemaking, to include opportunities for formal public comment, this fall.

Please send any comments or suggestions on these draft rules to by Wednesday, May 20. Any feedback received will be considered in preparing the final draft to recommend for approval by the Commission on May 28.

Comments received:

Dan Brady



Abbot Taylor


Tom Perry

State Republican Party

Freedom Foundation

Campaign Legal Center

Toby Nixon

Cairo D'Almeida

Ron Averill

SEIU 775 and OneAmerica