Posted on
January 13, 2021

Attention all treasurers: ORCA version 1.300 is now available. This new version of the PDC's online campaign reporting software is currently optional, but will soon be required.

You should back up your campaign first, then update ORCA. To back up your data, follow these steps:

1) Click Backup Campaign Data

2) Select the committee you want to back up. Click OK

3) Remove asterisk (*). Name the file with campaign name and today's date, leaving the ".zip" extension on the end, e.g.

4) Click SAVE

5) Email the file to yourself so that if your computer is lost or broken, you will still have your campaign data in stored email. You might want to download the file to an external hard drive or other device to ensure you can find it later.

To update ORCA, simply open the program and click on the FAQ button. You will be taken to the ORCA page where you can download the update.

In the new version, you will see new error messages explaining what is missing in your report. Carefully read through them to discover what you need to add