Posted on
February 01, 2021

If you file for a continuing political committee, such as a political party committee or some other committee that is not tied to one election, and the committee intends to use the mini reporting option this year, you must update the committee registration to indicate that.

Mini reporting status does not automatically carry forward from year to year. Committees previously registered under mini reporting that do not update their registration will be converted to full reporting committees and will be expected to file monthly reports.

Under mini reporting, committees register with the PDC but do not file monthly reports of contributions and expenditures. A continuing committee may use this option if it intends to raise no more than $5,000 in a calendar year (January through December), spend no more than $5,0000 in that year, and not accept more than $500 from any one contributor in that year.

A committee must update its registration electronically. You may do so through the PDC web page here. For instructions on how to access your committee's account, please check the videos "How to get a Secure Access Washington Account" and "How to gain access to an existing committee" on our guides and training videos page. Written instructions are also available on the website.