Posted on
February 03, 2021

If you or your organization employed a lobbyist at any time in 2020, you need to file a lobbyist employer's annual report, the form L-3. You should also file one if a lobbyist reported that they had a contract to lobby for you in 2020, even if they didn't actually end up lobbying. The due date for the L-3 form is March 1, 2021 this year.

File your L-3 report online through our web page here. If you don't already have an account in the lobbyist filing system, watch the video on that page on how to set up an account, and then the video on how to link your account to the lobbyist employer that you wish to file for.

The L3 form shows under the lobbyist tab how much each lobbyist received in pay, pay to subcontractors, and expenses, based on their monthly reports. If those amounts match the employer's records, check yes, those are the correct amounts. If the employer's records show different amounts, check no, and report the compensation and expenses that the employer's records show.

Click on each tab on the L-3 form and answer yes or no to all of the yes-no questions. The form starts with everything at yes. Change it to no if it that's correct.

If you answer yes, give the details that the form asks for. You don't have to click save or submit after you finish a tab. Use save only when you want to take a break and come back to finish later. Use Submit to PDC when you're all done.

Under contributions, you only have to report political contributions to candidates' campaigns or ballot measure campaigns in this state, and only if the lobbyist didn't report them on their forms. If the lobbyist already reported them, you don't have to report them again on the L-3.

Once your information is complete, use the Submit to PDC button to file your report. If you left any fields blank that should have been filled in, the electronic form will tell you when you try to submit it.

Fix the problems, and then submit.

If you have trouble, send us an email for help at PDC@PDC.WA.GOV or call 360-753-1111.