February 16, 2021

If your committee is organized to support or oppose ballot measures like a committee that supports or opposes a school, fire, or library levy or bond we recommend that you register a separate campaign for each election.

If you register as a single-election committee, you only do one set-up, which will cover multiple years including the year in which your election will take place.

If you register as a continuing committee, you will be required to set up a new committee each calendar year. This requires that you set up C-4 reporting periods, carry forward cash from the previous year and go through the process of importing your contacts each year.

There is another advantage of registering as a single-election committee, especially if your committee needs to be active in two elections in the same calendar year (For example, if the first ballot measure did not pass). Filing a separate registration for each election allows you to segregate contributions and expenses for each election. In this case you would finalize the first single-election committee and re-register for the second single-election committee.

To register your campaign:
Go to the PDC political committee registration system and file a new registration for your campaign.

Don't amend an old registration. Make sure to file a new registration.

The system will ask you "Is this committee established in anticipation of a particular election?" Click the "yes" button there to register a separate campaign just for that election, even if your group has been around for years. If you click "no," we'll treat your group as a continuing committee.

When you register, there's a review step at the end that allows you to look over what you've entered. Check it and see if that screen says "continuing." If it does, think twice before you submit that registration. Start over if your group doesn't want to report as a continuing committee.