June 28, 2022

The new threshold for expedited reporting of large, last-minute contributions is $1,500, following action by the Public Disclosure Commission at its June meeting. The change takes effect June 30, 2022, in time for the primary election’s special reporting period that begins July 26.

Under the rule, contributions that reach or exceed the $1,500 threshold and occur within seven days of a primary election and 21 days of a general election must be separately reported by the contributors and the campaigns that receive them.

The threshold also applies to donors who give smaller amounts during the period that accumulate to a total of $1,500 or more.

Contributors who reach the threshold must file a last-minute contribution (LMC) report within 24 hours of giving. Recipients must file the special report within 48 hours of receipt.

A C-3 report of the last-minute contribution can be filed in lieu of a special LMC report, but filers must still adhere to the deadline for reporting the LMC.