May 28, 2024

Starting June 6, all campaign yard signs must include sponsor identification, or “paid for by” statements.

Previously, campaign yard signs 4 feet by 8 feet or smaller were not required to include sponsor ID. This year, the state Legislature removed that exemption by passing House Bill 2032. The Public Disclosure Commission recently adopted rules in furtherance of that legislation.

Campaigns should follow the PDC’s guidance on sponsor ID placement and size on yard signs and campaign materials. For example, sponsor ID on yard signs should be no smaller than 10 percent of the largest font size on the sign. Sponsor ID for candidates should include their names and campaign mailing address.

Signs printed before June 6 are exempt from the rules, while signs printed afterwards are required to include sponsor ID.

The PDC is encouraging purchasers of campaign signs leading up to June 6 to include sponsor ID to promote transparency, avoid confusion and ensure that signs getting reused in future elections will be compliant.

Campaigns should also take care to make sure sign purchases prior to June 6 are disclosed in expenditure reports to ensure that members of the public have that information when they see signs without sponsor identification. In addition to reporting payments for signs, campaigns should take a few extra steps:

  • If you’re using signs from a previous campaign, remember to report that as a contribution to your new campaign.
  • If you haven’t yet paid for your signs, you can disclose that on expenditure reports as a vendor debt even if the cost is less than $1,000, the threshold for required reporting of debt.