April 30, 2024

The Public Disclosure Commission on May 23 will consider emergency rulemaking regarding House Bill 2032, which passed in the 2024 legislative session and requires sponsor identification on yard signs 4 feet by 8 feet or smaller.  

Previously, campaign signs under that size were exempt from the requirement for sponsor identification, which in recent years has caused some confusion for citizens doing research on their local elections.  

The law takes effect June 6. PDC staff have proposed emergency rules, which if adopted, would be in effect for the upcoming election cycle. The draft rules would exclude signs printed before June 6 from sponsor ID requirements.   

The PDC encourages purchasers to consider including sponsor ID before the new law takes effect, to promote transparency, avoid confusion and ensure that signs getting reused in future elections will be compliant. 

Campaigns should follow the PDC’s guidance on sponsor ID placement and size on yard signs and other printed campaign materials.  

Signs printed on June 6 or later will be required to include sponsor ID. However, signs up to 4 feet by 8 feet still will not need to disclose a campaign’s top five donors as part of their sponsor ID.  

To comment on the draft rules, or to sign up for public comment at the PDC’s May 23 meeting, email pdc@pdc.wa.gov by May 20.  


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