January 30, 2024

The PDC has updated its ORCA online filing systems to allow your campaign to choose between treasurers when certifying C-3 and C-4 reports, if you have more than one treasurer active on your account.

In the past, if multiple treasurers were active on a campaign, the report would automatically default to one. This change allows campaigns to toggle between treasurers if needed offering greater flexibility to campaigns where duties are shared.

Only treasurers are allowed to file reports for campaigns, according to state law. If your campaign needs more than one person to file reports, you can amend your registration to include additional treasurers.

If your campaign has only one treasurer, you won't have to take any action.


After you submit or amend a report, you will be prompted to certify that report. Type "I Certify" in the space that says "Electronic Certification."

In the next line down, click the arrow on the far right-hand side. 

An illustration of the certification page in ORCA.

After clicking the arrow, choose which of the officers designated as treasurer is filing this report. 

An illustration of the certification page in ORCA.


Only treasurers who are currently officers on the campaign will show up in the drop down list.  If the record has been updated and treasurers changed, former treasurers will no longer be available for selection.

After you select a treasurer, you will be able to submit the report. Click the green submit button to finish.