Disclose all entities for which you or a qualified family member served as an officer, director, general partner or board member. For each such agency, disclose any payments the entity received from the government agency in which you seek or hold a position, or any payments of $12,000 or more that that organization received from any other government agency, as described in the rules for reporting a business, above.

Listed below are some of the more common entities for which you'll have to report:

  • Political organizations, including political parties (if officer or director)
  • Fraternal organizations (if officer or director)
  • Charitable organizations (if officer or on board of directors)
  • Religious organizations (if officer or director)
  • Labor unions (if officer)
  • Government boards or bodies (if you or family member were an officer or director, whether by appointment or election, unless the service on the board or commission is legally required of the elected official)
  • Community clubs (if officer or on board of directors)
  • Trusts of which you/family member were a trustee