Since continuing political committees “close out” at the end of every calendar year, there is some extra work to be done in January to prepare for another year of reporting. 
You will need to know the “cash on hand” balance from Line 18 of the C-4 filed for December 2020. Please DO NOT use a beginning balance that does not match your bank balance. Doing this recreates any aggregation problems from previous years. Please contact PDC staff for guidance on correcting earlier reports. 

Instructions for PACS using ORCA

Backup your 2020 data

First, make a backup of your campaign data from 2020 and update your version of ORCA. To update your ORCA, go here

To create a backup:

  1. At the home screen of ORCA, click BACKUP CAMPAIGN DATA icon
  2. Choose the campaign to be backed up then OK
  3. Choose the location where you want to save the zip file you are creating
  4. Edit the “file name” field to remove the “*” then enter name of the committee along with the date (numerically). I.E., SmartPac 2020 Backup 010521
  5. Click Save

Create a campaign for 2021

  1. Create a new committee using the setup wizard in ORCA. Enter the reporting year as 2021, the campaign start date as 1/1/2021 and paste in the access token you previously received. If you did not save the token, click here. When the page displays, click on your campaign. At the top left of your campaign screen, click Access. At the next page, click Add Token to get a new token.
  2. Enter your beginning bank balance (should match the "cash on hand" from Line 18 of the December C-4) as carry forward cash; FILE>COMMITTEE INFORMATION>CARRY FORWARD CASH.  Click the green “plus” sign and enter the amount
  3. Be sure to select the election in which your committee is participating (FILE>COMMITTEE INFORMATION>C4 REPORTING PERIODS)
  4. Check the committee's last C-1pc and file an amendment if any information has changed. A committee must update its registration electronically.  You may do so through the PDC web page here.  For instructions on how to access your committee’s account, please check the videos “How to get a Secure Access Washington Account” and “How to gain access to an existing committee” on our guides and training videos page. Written instructions are also available on the website.

Import your contacts

You can import your lists(s) of contacts from the 2020 ORCA data into your newly created 2021 ORCA campaign so you don’t have to re-type them. Your contacts are found by going to ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>INDIVIDUALS. The import process will go smoothly if you don’t have any errors in your current list. In the 2020 campaign, use the “browse” button found in the bottom right corner of ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>INDIVIDUALS (or the appropriate choice) to review your 2020 list. Delete any empty lines you find in your list. Repeat this process for your couple contacts (ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>COUPLES) making sure all your “couple” contacts have both an appropriate “couple name” and separate unique contact entries. Please review your "other" contacts, (ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>OTHERS) are correct as well.
If you import contacts from 2020 to 2021 and errors exist in the 2020 campaign, ORCA will halt the import process. If you import a second time it will import the entire list again, subsequently duplicating the names from the first attempt. You can delete the duplicates after the import process is successful or choose to start over by deleting the 2021 campaign and repeating steps 1-4 in the section above. 
  1. On ORCA desktop, click IMPORT AND EXPORT
  2. Click “IMPORT from another program or file”
  3. Click NEXT
  5. Click NEXT
  6. Select the closed campaign that has the names you wish to export FROM
  7. Click NEXT
  8. Double click the name of the new campaign committee you wish to import INTO
  9. Click NEXT
  10. Check items you wish to import
  11. Click IMPORT
  12. Click FINISH