Campaign finance reporting software 

Campaigns must report contributions, expenditures and other financial details. The PDC provides the ORCA system to complete those reports. 

Like any software, there is a little bit of a learning curve and treasurers will need to enter a few transactions before they feel completely comfortable with the software. For this reason, the PDC staff encourages individuals who will use the software to give themselves some time to become familiar with the software a few days before the first campaign report is due.

The PDC will post information about outages of its electronic filing systems on its website on the Important Dates/Events calendar. Filers also can sign up to receive alerts of outages by subscribing to the "Electronic filing updates and outages" at the subscription page. Reports due on days when the applicable electronic filing system experiences a planned maintenance outage of 30 minutes or more or an unscheduled outage lasting 15 minutes or more will not be considered late if they are filed on the next business day.

ORCA alternatives

In addition to the PDC provided ORCA, the following third parties campaign management solutions can submit reports online to the PDC. If you are interested in a campaign management solution, please contact the vendors directly.