The Public Disclosure Commission is pursuing several policy changes in the 2020 session. The agency's requests are contained in SB 6361 and HB 2772. They would:

  • Reform personal financial affairs disclosure (F-1) reporting to eliminate needless hurdles for filers, and expanding disclosure to help the public assess potential conflicts of interest​.
  • Amend the false advertising prohibition to require greater disclosure when a sponsor cites past endorsements and advocates the election of candidates who are not seeking the office. 
  • Empower the PDC to meet emerging needs by giving it project-based spending authority for the Transparency Account that was created by the Legislature in 2018.
  • Allow commissioners to participate in campaign activities they don’t regulate and to advocate or lobby on matters that don’t involve the Legislature or state agencies.​


UPDATE: As of the Legislature's Feb. 19 cutoff for bills to pass their house of origin to remain viable, only a portion of HB 2772 was still alive. Lawmakers have amended the bill to remove the provision about allowing commissioners greater freedom in pursuing political and lobbying activities, as well as the ability of the PDC to tap its Transparency Account for projects. In addition, the bill has been amended to prohibit the PDC from posting the Financial Affairs Disclosure (F-1s) statements of legislative staff on the agency's website.