In 2019, the Public Disclosure Commission has offered agency-request legislation (SB 5112 and HB 1195) to further the goals set by the Legislature in 2018 with the passage of ESHB 2938 as well as deliver additional reforms and ease of use for the regulated community. 

Refine enforcement procedures 
  • Clarify the Attorney General's authority to initiate enforcement action when the PDC has not acted within 90 days of receiving a complaint. 
  • Specify that the PDC is not liable to reimburse for costs and attorney fees, should a citizen complainant prevail in court.
Update personal financial affairs disclosure reporting (F-1s) 
  • Clarify when officials leaving office can file their final report.
  • Protect filers with safety concerns from disclosure of sensitive information.
  • Allow new personal financial disclosure (F-1) reporting modification requests to be heard by an individual Commissioner and extend a modification to the duration of an official's term.  
Ensure the Commission's continuity by reducing limitations on service 
  • Permit the extension of a commissioner's term by up to one year when the Governor has not appointed a successor. 
  • Narrow the restrictions on commissioners' participation in politics and lobbying to exclude activities outside of Washington state and the commission's jurisdiction that don't pose a conflict of interest.


At its Jan. 24 meeting, the commission to also support the policy proposed in recently introduced legislation that would:

  • apply contribution limits to all port district races, 
  • improve disclosure in political advertising when political committees' top contributors include other political committees, and
  • require campaign treasurers to receive training in compliance and reporting.