Frequently asked questions for new candidates. These questions and answers are intended to help new candidates get started off on the right foot and to help existing candidates find the information and resources they need.


Must I have a separate campaign account?

Candidates must open a separate campaign account in a bank, credit union or savings and loan institution if they accept monetary contributions.  A candidate who personally funds his/her entire campaign and accepts no contributions does not have to open a bank account.  These candidates are required to make campaign books of account, which may include the personal checkbook register, available for public inspection by appointment the week before the election.

Can I be the campaign treasurer?

Yes. However, candidates who select Full Reporting are strongly encouraged to enlist the aid of a treasurer who has the time and energy necessary to keep detailed, accurate records and file frequent reports.  Your treasurer does not need to be a professional accountant.

From whom may I accept contributions?

Generally, contributions from individuals, corporations, unions and other organizations are permitted.  Candidates subject to contribution limits have special contributor restrictions explained in the PDC’s manuals.  By federal law, no foreign corporations or citizens (unless they have a Permanent Resident Card, also known as a green card), national banks and corporations organized by authority of Congress and federal government contractors may contribute to or spend funds on behalf of U.S. candidates.

Is there a contribution limit?

Yes, for state office and most local offices.  Visit the PDC's contribution limits webpage for full details.

Is there an expenditure limit?

Candidates who choose Mini Reporting self-impose an expenditure limit of $5,000.  There are no expenditure limits for candidates who choose Full Reporting.