The PDC provides electronic filing options for all reports that a candidate must file. Candidates are encouraged to file all reports electronically, because the information is available to the public on the PDC's website within minutes of when the reports are submitted.

Mandatory Electronic Filing

A candidate who spends, or expects to spend, at least $5,000 is required to electronically file contribution and expenditure reports.  A returning candidate who spent at least $5,000 on the last campaign for the same office is required to electronically file, too.

PDC's Efiling Software 

The PDC provides free software that will fulfill the efiling requirement. The software aggregates transactions as the campaign progresses, so it will be necessary for candidates to enter all transactions into the software. A candidate who does not believe he or she will reach the $5,000 threshold may file by mail. If the campaign does reach the threshold, the candidate will be required to refile electronically any reports that had been mailed. For this reason, candidates are encouraged to e-file reports regardless of how much money they expect to spend.

Like any software, there is a little bit of a learning curve and treasurers will need to enter a few transactions before they feel completely comfortable with the software. For this reason, the PDC staff encourages individuals who will use the software to give themselves some time to become familiar with the software a few days before the first campaign report is due.


Help and training resources are available on the ORCA website