During the seven days before the primary and the 21 days before the general election, candidates must file special reports of contributions they receive during that 7- or 21-day period from one source that is $1,000 or more in the aggregate, whether cash or in-kind or a combination of the two.  For example, if a candidate receives $1,900 from one contributor during the 7 days before the primary, whether the amount came in one lump sum or two or more payments, a special report must be filed.

The special report discloses:

  • the amount of the contribution(s);
  • the date or dates received;
  • the name and address of the donor; and
  • the receiving campaign's name and address.

Candidates receiving one or more contributions from a single source totaling $1,000 or more must deliver a written report to PDC within 48 hours of receiving the contribution, or the first working day thereafter if the 48th hour falls on a weekend or holiday.  (Lobbyists, lobbyist employers, and political committees -- including PACs, parties and caucus committees -- that give these contributions file special reports within 24 hours of giving.)  Either file the C-3 within 48 hours or file a special Last Minute Contribution (LMC) report.  Any contributions disclosed on an LMC report should also be reported on the appropriate C-3 and C-4 reports.