See related:  PDC Interpretation 14-01



The following information must be reported for each loan received:

  • the date the loan was received;
  • the lender's name and address (and, if the loan is more than $100, report the lender’s occupation as well as name, city and state of the employer);
  • if the loan is from the candidate or a contributor who has a per-election limit, show whether the loan is for the primary or the general election;
  • the amount of the loan;
  • the rate of interest charged (if any);
  • the terms for repayment;
  • the date by which the loan is to be repaid in full; and
  • the names of any endorser, co-signer or loan guarantor.

Repayments are reported in Part 2 of the Schedule L and on the C-4 report.  The amount contributed by lenders and co-signers is reduced as their loans are repaid, but this does not mean the candidate may be repaid more than the $6,000 repayment limit.