A minor violation is an actual violation that occurs when: (1) required campaign finance or lobbying information is not timely disclosed; or (2) incomplete information is disclosed, but a good faith effort to comply with disclosure is made. In both instances, the public is not deprived of critical information.

The executive director may resolve any complaint that alleges minor violations of chapter 42.17A by issuing a reminder letter or formal written warning letter to a respondent depending on the aggravating or mitigating factors of a specific case.

If the case resolution is conditioned upon the respondent reaching or maintaining compliance, those expectations and any deadlines will be clearly explained in the formal written warning letter. A respondent's failure to meet conditions may result in a complaint being reopened. If the resolution contains no conditions, the matter is resolved and the case closed without any further action or review.

Warning letters can be considered in subsequent enforcement actions as aggravating factors.