Legislative session freeze starts

No legislators, other state officials or their employees or agents may solicit or accept contributions for any state or local office candidate, to defray public office related expenses, or to retire a campaign debt during what is known as the "legislative session freeze period."  The freeze period is in effect during the regular legislative session, the 30 days before the regular session and during any special session of the legislature.

For candidates who lost the primary

You may have contributions for the general election made to the campaign before the primary.

If a donor reaches the contribution limit for contributions to the primary election, sometimes they’ll give more, and those donations are for the general election. If the candidate isn’t going on to the general, all contributions for the general election need to be returned to the donors in full. Don’t spend them.

Commission meeting highlights: June 2022

The Commission voted to raise the threshold for expedited reporting of large, last-minute contributions to campaigns from $1,000 to $1,500. The change takes effect June 30, 2022, in time for the primary election’s special reporting period that begins July 26.

Under the rule, contributions that reach the threshold of $1,500 and occur within seven days of a primary election and 21 days of a general election must be separately reported.