September 18, 2019

Political committees and candidates for most state and local offices in Washington are required to register with the Public Disclosure Commission. Registration is done electronically* through the PDC's website.

To begin, you must have a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account. SAW allows you to securely file data with many Washington state agencies.  If you already have a SAW account, use that one for your PDC filing — you don’t have to make a new account for us. 

If you don’t have a SAW account, it’s a quick and easy process to get one. You can create a SAW account on this web page. We have a video that shows you how here.

Once you've created a SAW account, you should follow this link to get to the campaign registration site. 

The PDC's campaign registration system will lead you through the steps required. The first step is to choose "Register a new candidate or committee" on the first screen of the registration system. From there, the system will ask a series of questions designed to collect the required information. This video shows you how it works.

The registration system helps filers get it right by calling their attention to missing information and not allowing registrations to be submitted until that information is provided. Filling in a required field with n/a, "none" or some other filler language will likely result in the PDC returning your registration to you.

Filers often ask whether they must report the name of a bank if they don't expect to raise money and don't have a campaign account. The answer is yes. State law requires candidates to report the name and address of their depositories. If you do not have a bank account for your campaign, report the name of the bank where you would likely open an account if your campaign later decides to have one. If at some point you do open a bank account, and it's at a different institution than what you originally reported, you can amend your registration to reflect that change.

Once you submit your information to the PDC, we will verify that you have supplied the required information and process your registration. You will receive an email once that process is complete. 

*State law requires use of electronic filing when a system is available. Filers can request a hardship exemption to electronic filing based on lack of technological ability. Hardship exemption requests can be emailed to