Frequently asked questions for persons who may be required to file a statement of financial affairs with the PDC.


Will my report be available online?

No.  F-1s are public records, however, and they are provided upon request.

Can I have the filing requirement waived?

Not entirely.  The Public Disclosure Commission may modify the reporting requirements to exempt you from completing a particular section(s) of the report, if it decides that the law works a "manifestly unreasonable hardship on the filer" and the "modification will not frustrate the purposes" of the disclosure law. Requests for modification typically come from filers who have a personal safety concern and want to exclude their primary residence's location, or filers who are partners in or owners of a business who would face a competitive disadvantage by disclosing the names of their business customers or from individuals.

Answers to common questions about modifications are available here. Filers also should consult the reporting modification standards and reporting modification application

Are instructions online?

Do I have to file electronically?

Efilng is encouraged, but not required.  We will save your information from your last efiled report.  Most people appreciate the convenience that efiling provides.

Can I print forms from the website?