Frequently asked questions for persons who may be required to file a statement of financial affairs with the PDC.


When can I use the short form?

The F-1A is a convenience that the PDC offers for F-1 filers who mail reports.  The F-1A may be used to fulfill the annual filing requirement three out of four consecutive years, provided the filer has filed a full F-1 within the last four years and there are no changes or only minor changes to the information on the full report.

Efilers simply review their saved information, make any necessary edits, and submit the report, without thinking about which form they should use.

Are there common mistakes I want to avoid?

  • Efilers filing an annual report should “start a new report” rather than amend.  (Amend is used to correct information on earlier reports.)
  • List each reportable investment, stock, mutual fund, 401K profit sharing plan, etc. that you owned at any time during the reporting period.
  • Furthermore, itemize the holdings of investment accounts, such as mutual funds, IRAs, 401K plans, deferred compensation accounts, etc., if you made the buy and sell decisions for the account.
  • When reporting asset values, always use the letter codes that represent dollar ranges and use the code that represents the highest value during the reporting period.
  • Never include account numbers.
  • In the space provided, be sure to include the office that you are running for, were appointed to, or hold.
  • In the space provided, always list your spouse or registered domestic partner.  Do not name your dependents, unless there is information to report for them.