Frequently asked questions for persons who may be required to file a statement of financial affairs with the PDC.


I’m a judge. Do I have to report my home address?

It is important to remember that only those addresses associated with properties owned by the filer or their immediate family members are disclosable. If the property is a principal residence, there may be some circumstances in which the exact location does not need to be reported. If a filer or their immediate family member is judge, prosecutor or sheriff, the law allows reporting a city or town and type of residence in lieu of  the address of a principal residence.  

Where is the F-1A (short form)?

The PDC's new electronic filing application replaces the F-1A, which was intended to assist filers with no or minor changes to their financial information. This system will save your information, allowing you to return in subsequent years, review and edit it if needed, and certify again that it remains correct. 

I have a reporting modification that exempts me from reporting clients of my business or organization. How do I indicate that?

If your modification exempts you from reporting ALL clients of the business or other organization, answer “no” to the question “Did (your business or organization) receive any reportable payments of $12,000 or more between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019, from a business customer?” If you are required to list SOME of the clients, answer “yes” and complete the information for those clients for whom the modification applies. If your modification also exempts you from reporting other governmental customers, you will follow the same reporting method described above for business customers.