Entertainment, Travel and Seminars

State officials and some employees must annually disclose if they or their immediate family members are provided:

  • food and/or beverages costing over $50 per occasion, either singly or in conjunction with family members, except for food and beverage served at a qualifying reception, (Notice must be provided regardless of whether a single person pays for the food and beverage or the cost is shared so that each person pays less than $50.)
  • travel-related expenses or reimbursements of any amount, including field trips and other excursions, and/or
  • admission and other costs associated with attending seminars, educational programs or training

If you or your employer pays for any of these items for the benefit of a state official, employees, or their immediate family member(s), provide the recipient with a copy of your monthly lobbyist or an L-2 Memo Report itemizing the expenditures or benefits given.

"Immediate family" means the spouse or dependent children of the official or employee as well as any other dependent relative who lives in the official's or employee's household.

PDC does not determine what types of items or services are permissible under the Ethics Law for you to give or the official, employee or family member to accept. Depending upon whom you wish to give an item to, contact:

  • The Legislative Ethics Board (360) 786-7540
  • The Executive Ethics Board (360) 664-0871, or
  • The Commission on Judicial Conduct (360) 753-4585.

Campaign Contributions

If you make a personal contribution, or you transmit or deliver a contribution from another source to one of the following, then you must give the recipient a copy of the monthly expenditure report on which the contribution appears or provide notice by using an L-2 Memo Report that itemizes the contribution. RCW 42.17A.620

  • local, judicial, or state candidate
  • local or state elected official
  • local or state officer or employee
  • political committee supporting or opposing any local or state ballot proposition