Becoming a registered lobbyist

If lobbying the Legislature or a state agency is part of your job, or an activity for which you are in some way compensated or reimbursed, you will need to register with the PDC and file monthly reports. 

It is illegal for any person or entity to pay or agree to pay or otherwise compensate a person for lobbying unless that person is registered. Furthermore, a lobbyist may not:

  • engage in paid lobbying before registering;
  • knowingly deceive or attempt to deceive any legislator as to any fact pertaining to any pending or proposed legislation;
  • cause or influence the introduction of any bill or amendment for the purpose of afterwards being employed to secure its defeat;
  • knowingly represent an interest adverse to any of his/her employers without first obtaining the employer’s written consent and after full disclosure of the adverse interest,
  • exercise any undue influence, extortion, or unlawful retaliation upon any legislator by reason of the legislator’s position or his vote on any pending or proposed legislation; or
  • enter into an agreement, arrangement, or understanding that all or a portion of the person’s compensation is contingent upon the success of any attempt to influence legislation.

The lobbyist must register within 30 days of contracting to lobby or before lobbying begins, whichever happens first. The registration must be updated if any of the information changes while it is in effect.  


Monthly reporting

Any lobbyist who is required to register must also file regular expenditure and activity reports, due on the 15th of the following month. These reports disclose compensation received and lobbying-related expenditures, such as entertainment, gifts, campaign contributions, and subject matter experts. They also disclose who you lobbied and the topic. 

Giving campaign contributions of $1,000 or more close to an election triggers additional reporting. Lobbyists who arrange for political advertising should familiarize themselves with the independent expenditure and electioneering communications disclosure requirements.

Preparing the report

Lobbying activities