Personal (expenses)

On this tab, report personal expenses for travel, food and refreshments. If you have nothing to report, select No in the question at the top.

Make sure to report expenses attributable to all employers. If the expense was not reimbursed by a client (Employer), select yourself as the source in the Employer drop-down.

Expenses that cannot fairly be allocated to a specific employer as well as those that come out of your own pocket are disclosed in the Sum non-reimbursable personal expenses incurred by the lobbyist field.

Report nonexempt personal expenses incurred for lobbying activities during the month, whether or not these expenses were reimbursed.

Generally, this will include those expenses you incur for food, beverages, and travel when you make a special trip to meet with legislators or other state officials or employees, or when you make a trip to lobby a state agency.

Personal expenses exempt from reporting:

  • unreimbursed personal living and travel expenses, unless they are directly for lobbying;
  • expenses for personal living accommodations (e.g., your home or rented/leased accommodations, including hotel rooms);
  • personal travel expenses to hearings of the legislature* (e.g., meals, beverages, mileage, transportation, vehicle rentals, laundry, parking, toiletry purchase);
  • telephone and facsimile expenses;
  • office expenses, including rent;
  • support staff expenses, including salaries, unless the staff member lobbies; and
  • expenses to produce reports, documents and other communications primarily designed for other purposes and distributed incidentally as part of the lobbying effort.

* "Hearings of the legislature" means any regular or special session of the state legislature or any publicly announced meeting of a standing, conference, joint or special committee of either house of the legislature. Travel for other lobbying purposes, such as meetings with individual legislators or staff, state agency hearings or to attend political fund raisers, etc., is reportable.


On this tab enter all compensation such as salary, wages and retainers earned from each client (employer) for this period. Report compensation and expenses on an accrual basis. That is, report them for the month in which each was incurred or earned, not necessarily when received. (If reporting amounts differ from what is actually received from the employer, file an amended report reflecting the correct amounts). If you have nothing to report, select No.